What is the way to remove a smell out of a car?

What is the way to remove a smell out of a car?


When you enter into your bedroom & finds a foul smell from somewhere else, it would definitely make you uncomfortable & take away your sweet sleep.

Similarly, you have planned a picnic with your family, all arrangements are made & when you entered your car, you end up with a frustrated & awful mood because of the smell from the car.

By this, I just want to take your attention on, how much the fragrance inside the car affects your mood & your life.

So here, I have discussed some of the tips to remove the foul smell out of your car:-

  1. Proper Vacuuming: – Carpet & upholstery are the best areas where micro dust particles find their way. They create foul smell & to remove them you must vacuum that area by attaching special vacuuming equipment.
  2. Proper Drying: – Many times you have noticed a bad smell coming out from a recently washed removable rug. This is because you haven’t given enough time for proper drying. So try to let them dry for 8-10 hours for molds & mildew to be killed.
  3. Clean With Vinegar: – Many of our family members have a habit to consume soft drinks & beverages in the car & if any droppings left, they create a bad smell. Vomiting by infants also causes a foul smell. So to get rid of this try to remove them immediately by applying a mixture of water & vinegar as it works better on a smell.
  4. Use Baking Soda: – Do you have a pet that always urinates while in the car? Then just start using baking soda. It has impressive abilities to absorb frustrating smells like urine. Just sprinkle baking soda on the area, rub it properly to absorb & then at last vacuum it.
  5. Visit a Professional: – If an odor is hard to remove then it is advisable to visit a car detailing company where they have experts & equipment to handle such type of bad smells.

What does routine car maintenance include?

If your child falls from bicycle, what you do?

Are you take him directly to a hospital or first try to give him First-Aid at home itself?

We know the answer…

Similarly, whenever we find some fault in our cars we try to fix it up at the home itself.

Different car owners have different thinking about these regular maintenances as per their knowledge of the car & its car’s complexity.

Auto technicians will advise you to give your vehicle regular maintenance so it can have a long on-road life. It will also help you in having low car service bills & better mileage.     

Here I have discussed some of the tips for regular maintenance that a car driver must check after different distance readings: –

  1. After Every 3000 Kilometers/ 3 months: – In any of the one case, you must check the working condition of the battery, Indicator Lights, Engine Oil, Exhaust, Hoses, Engine Air Filter, Power Steering Fluid, Windshield Washer Fluid & Coolants.
  2. After Every 7000 Kilometers/ 8 months: – In any of the case achieved, it is advised that you should check Seat Belts, Wiper Blades, Chassis Lubrication, Tire inflation & all other things that are stated above.
  3. After Every 10,000 Kilometers/ 12 months: – Replace Air Filter, Exhaust, and Tires & check all the things that are mentioned above.  
  4. After Every 25,000 Kilometers: – Replace Air Filters, Seat Belts, Coolants, Steering Power Fluids, Brake Pads, Hoses & HVAC System along with Suspension components checked & replaced.
  5. After Every 30,000 Kilometers: – Now it is the time to replace battery along with other components because till this distance battery has been approximately used for more than 4 years.  It must also include checking & replacing tires, Fluids, Coolants, Spark Plugs & Ignition System.

What are some car care tips?

Being a rational person, if you purchase a new car or a used car, your first intention would be to get back more from the car that you had invested. It is not a bad idea but you have to put some efforts into making this real.

The best way is to take care of your vehicle as much you can so that it can achieve maximum life.

So Here I have shared some of the basic tips that must be considered to take care of your car:-

  1. Please Check Owner’s Manual: – Every car company provides its customer with a booklet of instructions that are filled with suggestions about which type of Engine oil should be used, how much Tire Pressure is best & expected life of battery & other components. This gives you a proper understanding of when to replace those components.
  2. Take Care of Engine Oil: – It’s really important that you should know when to replace Engine oil. It provides lubricant to the pistons in engine & if you have ignored its replacement then, unfortunately, you are taking a great risk with the engine itself. Different models have different engine oil life so go through the owner’s manual to know it.
  3. Tire Pressure: – Replacement of tires costs you lot then just remember to do three things on a regular basis- Wheel pressure check, Wheel alignment check & wheel rotation. If all three things have cared then you can have a higher life of tires as well as better mileage.
  4. Check Battery: – Life of car battery is expected to be between 4-5 years & to check its working condition you must regularly visit a nearby auto shop as many of them provide battery testing at very reasonable prices.
  5. Proper Care of Engine Coolant: – If you have ignored the engine coolant for a long while it is highly possible that you end up with a serious repair of your car. Engine coolant leakage should be regularly checked & coolant should be replaced due to the decrease of rust fighting power of coolant that can damage your engine.  

Being a car owner it is our responsibility to keep our car well maintain and odor free. That’s why at RapideWash.com, we are specially take car of your car while providing hand car wash to your vehicle and look after overall performance of your car so our customer being happy with our services.

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