For a fellow American owning a car is not just a matter of having a vehicle for daily transportation but a type of car you own & its brands says a lot about your interest & personality. With that you must remember that your 4-wheel machine speaks more about your social status than clothing you wear. But, unfortunately people are more concerned about the brands of car rather than their exterior look that matters a lot. For instance, A BMW with dirt on its tires & bottom level looks less attractive than a Chevrolet with shining body paint, dirt-free tires & front body. You can sustain beauty of your car by giving it a regular wash which might be hand wash or a automated car wash.

You can either opt for washing your car by your own which will consume your precious time & energy, needs lots of attention & you have to buy some really expensive car wash equipments or a more logical answer is you can just visit a car wash service provider & get it done with minimum possible time & least burden on your pocket. Here, is the list of top ten best car wash service providers in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  1. Autobell Car Wash:- Started its first car wash center in South Boulevard, Charlotte in 1969. Since then the company has expanded to 80 new locations in 5 states. This company is known for treatment they provide to their customer’s car, Professionals they have employed for washing job & equipment they use. You will get exterior hard-dry of your vehicle, vacuum cleaning of interior as well as a special coating of a protective layer for car paint.  Company is also committed to environment protection through 100% waste water treatment & reuse of that.
  2. RapideWash:- Started in 2015 by a carwash chemical distributor in Sharon Amity Road, Charlotte. Rapidewash became a success story in the whole carwash industry. Within 4 years they have established 10 car wash centers in Charlotte metro only. Just because of this much of locations it is highly convenient for any person to visit the center & get the job done in least possible time. Rapidewash is also committed to provide a total hand car wash service from professional & well-trained employees who give a touch of delicacy to your car & minimize the chance of any scratching & damaging.  
  3. Diamond Finish Carwash:- Situated in West Charlotte since 1997, Diamond Finish Carwash provides a diverse combination of services to its customers. It includes a total hand car wash along with repair & maintenance of your car. They also use Hanna equipment in the car wash tunnel for better removal of dirt & grease. They also initiated a program that provides a total maintenance of the corporate fleets. You can even hire a personal inspector for your car rental business.
  4. Top Line Chemical Solutions:- Situated at Dwight Evans Road, Charlotte. This car wash service center is one of the most diversified in its offerings. They provide both Automated as well as hand car wash services along with In-Bay Automatics & Truck wash station.
  5. Dilworth Car Wash:- Located in Dilworth, Charlotte. Dilworth carwash has a quick wash service program where they are using State-of-the-art Lammscloth computer system for their customers that ensure that every region of car gets adequate water & soap with proper drying & wax protection. They also emphasis on the hand wash services for inaccessible areas of the vehicle.
  6. Galleria Express car Wash:- located at Sardis Road, Charlotte. Galleria Express is known of providing some of the best experience of car wash to their customers. Their “Carnauba Hot Wax” package is designed to give your vehicle a total protection from bug damage, damage from rust, tire protecting layer as well as underbody rinse to cleanse any spot of dirt & grease from the bottom area. Their “Lava Shield” package include paint sealant to reduce the chance of paint damage as well as it includes a rain water repellant layer coating to save it adverse effects of rain water on your car’s body.       
  7. Quick N Brite Auto:- Quick N Brite Auto provide multiple services other than car wash. They are specialized in giving a better service to their customers than their competitors. They have a range of packages that include simple car wash of exterior & vacuum treatment of the interior to the platinum package that include glass treatment, fabric & carpet installation, 3M compound polishing along with application of paint protectants.
  8. Sam’sxpress Car Wash:- centers at more than 25 locations throughout US, Sam’sxpress is one of the most preferred & well-known car wah service provider in the Charlotte. They are known to start a offer of unlimited car washes for their customers at any locations as many times every day by just paying a monthly subscription of $29.99 per month. They have a really competitive pricing policy giving a full car wash service starting from just $6 to total care including a diverse range of services in $17 along with a 4 day rewash for free.
  9. Boyd’s Car Wash:- This car wash service provider is located at south charlotte. Their packages for a complete car wash start from $40 that includes exterior wash as well as interior cleaning. They also have a SUV & Truck wash package starting at just $50. In $125 you can opt for a complete detailing of your car or truck including wax coating, carpet cleaning, leather cleaning & conditioning etc.
  10. Quick Finish Supreme:-With an experience of 25 years they are also prominent name in car wash industry in Charlotte. Along with Car wash, they also provide services like auto detailing, RV detailing, Boat detailing & Residential power washing. Their platinum package for cars at $199 & for SUVs at $299 include a wide range of services along with high pressure automated car wash, 200 degree steaming & 8 step application of wax & sealant to protect paint from effects of water & dust.

Now, a common question that arises in the minds of car owners when they are looking for some really good car washers is “what a difference between hand car wash services & machine car wash services” or “why they should go with hand car wash rather than machine car wash?” So Here let us begin with discussing some major differences between hand car wash services & machine/ automated car wash services:-


Car wash station Charlotte
  1. Time Consumption: – Compared to the hand wash method of car washing automated car washing is quite fast. By opting for automated form of car wash you can save nearly 50-60 percent of your time & you will get your car ready to use within less than 2 hours of submission. If you are a person with less time to devote for your car then you can go with the automated car wash option.
  2. Body paint:– Beauty of every car is more associated to shine & originality of its body color, many of the car-owners complain that automated car washers uses chemicals or equipments that are harder on the body paint of the cars thus leads to dullness in the appearance of the car. Many people also complain that automated car wash would leave water spots on your car body that is due to improper dryness systems they use for cars. These spots are visible & decrease the attractiveness of your car. On the other side, we see that most of the hand car-washing service providers takes enough time to dry water particles naturally to eliminate the formation of water spots.
  3. Biodegradable Chemicals:– If you are a nature lover & have a habit to use eco-friendly materials in your daily life then automated car wash is the thing that is not meant for you. Many of machine car wash service providers use synthetic chemicals that are hazardous for the environment as well as these service providers dump their waste water in nearby water bodies leaving them polluted. In contrast, many hand car washers have started using biodegradable washing agents for their operations & retreat water before dumping them in nearby water bodies.
  4. Coverage:– Every car owner will expect to have a complete removal of dirt & grease from each & every part of their vehicle but unfortunately automated car wash systems are designed to remove dirt particles only form the visible areas or the front body leaving hard-to-reach parts of the car unclean. These parts are highly vulnerable to corrosion or rusting & can lead to an accident. While many hand wash service providers uses professional car washers who make each & every part of your vehicle dirt-free.  
  5. For The Luxury car:– Every fellow American dream to have a luxury car in its garage & if you ask him that would he compromise looks & attraction of its car with less time & cheap car wash you will definitely get the answer “nap”. High brand car owners mostly prefer hand car wash as it maintains the delicacy of their vehicle by increasing its gleaming looks.
  6. Cost:– Many people will advise you to opt for machine car wash services but they will never say which model of car is more suitable for it. Most of the conveyer systems installed with the automated car wash service providers are only suitable for specific models or which are regular for example much of the Americans have sedans or mini-vans of GM, Chrysler or Ford so most of the Automated systems are designed as per their needs & if you own a highly differential model then you have to pay higher to those automated service providers who owns adjustable systems for different models So here it is more appreciable to have hand car wash from a professional car washer.


Either you own a regular brand of car or a luxury brand of car, you have paid a hefty sum of money for it from your regular salaries. But people try not to think twice before giving his car for a wash. Many people consider that automated car washers use sophisticated equipments that are more beneficial to the vehicle & its parts but unfortunately it’s just a myth. Most of the time when you submit your car with the machine car washer, he just put your car on a conveyer that automatically starts rubbing your car body with scrubbers & cloth that most probably haven’t changed for a while.

Many machine car wash service providers even ignore or postpone the imminent repair & maintenance of their systems to minimize cost which at last beard by the car owners in the form of scratches or paint removals.

While contrary to it large people consider that hand wash is time consuming & expensive although it’s partially true. If you look at the Hollywood stars you will find that many of them have hired the professional car washers for their collection of cars paying them hefty regular fees rather than putting money in a automated system. This is just because a human hand can reach to all deep parts which are unreachable for a system as well as their way of cleaning is more generous for the car paint & its looks rather than those automated systems.

Being an ordinary person you can also get the same personal treatment for your car as many hand car wash service providers have opened their service centers throughout the American soil. Here, I have noted top ten car wash service providers in the Charlotte, North Carolina.


As we have seen some of the major advantages of having a hand car wash service rather automated one, Rapidewash is a fully hand car wash service provider absolutely committed to give worth to every cent spent by its customers on car wash. With a ample experience in car wash chemicals they have chemicals that have no or least adverse effect on the car’s body paint which helps in enhancing the originality of its color. Rapidewash is also committed for using eco-friendly chemicals for its operations so that they can serve each & every individual in Charlotte’s community with a responsibility.   


At the end, I would only conclude that cleanliness & maintenance of your car plays an important in creating your image of a responsible person along with reflecting your personality & attitude towards having some well-maintained car. So it’s really important to choose your car washer promptly without considering cost as a factor.

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