Saturday Special – We Come to You

Saturday Special – We Come to You


For the last many months, we have been thinking about how to honor the loyalty of our customers who have shown their trust in us.

Their faith has made us the most trusted handcar washer in the whole Charlotte, NC

So to celebrate that special relationship we are introducing a car wash plan for our loyal customers & for our new customers who can experience best hand car wash service through this plan.

We call it- “Saturday Special- We Come To You” plan

To make your car ready for a special weekend, our plan includes an exterior as well as an interior car wash in just $25 dollars. Let us discuss what we have included in it.

Exterior Car wash: – A proper & systematic hand car wash by our experts. We use biodegradable soaps so that it removes dirt & mud but not your paint & shining. While washing, our experts will treat your car with at most delicacy.

Interior Car Wash: – Here we will clean & vacuum the interior of your car. It includes vacuuming of your car’s seats & leather front. Along with that, we will clean the vent area, seat bottoms & dashboard.

To complete all this, our experts just ask you to give 40 minutes of your Saturday life. Not at our premises but at your home.     

We know that Saturdays & Sundays are special for every office goers. These are the days when a person gets relief from his daily hectic assignments & engage in household stuff that he had ignored during working days.

2 Days for family members, children & loved ones. 2 days to enjoy an outing or picnic with family & friends, visit shopping markets & indulge in recreational activities.

If a person has so many options in front who will visit a car washer & spent his precious time waiting to receive his car.

Don’t worry we respect your time & importance of Saturday.

So our time of car wash experts will visit your home with all the necessary equipment & deliver all these services there only. We will charge not a single buck for it. Spent that spare time with your family members or indulging in household activities while our experts clean your car there at your home.

To take advantage of this plan just book your car wash @ or call @ 704.390.4296

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