Mobile Car Wash Service Provider in Charlotte NC

Mobile Car Wash Service Provider in Charlotte NC


If I ask you to join me for a shopping spree, your obvious answer would be.

Let’s check it out on Amazon or eBay.

I expect this reply because today everyone is business with lots of stuff in their daily life & can’t visit supermarkets to buy normal things. Rather they prefer to have it at doorsteps through online purchase.

Similar it is quite hectic for a person to take its car for a car wash or detailing while he is busy with some unavoidable works.

So the simple solution for this is “Mobile Car Wash Services

You might have listened about it for the first time but since the concept has been introduced many reputed car detailing companies have adopted it.

So what is Mobile Car Wash Services?

So my one sentence answer would be, in this service, you can just book a car wash service via call or online & a team of expert car washers along with all necessary equipment will visit your home or premises to wash your car.

Many people have mythical doubts about it that they will get be charged pretty higher or the services might not be up to the mark.

These are just myths not true at all.

So to clear your doubts I have explained here some of the benefits of having a mobile car wash service.

  1. Service at your required premises: – it was really a dream of me to avoid visiting my regular car washer as his employees are rude & irresponsible. So when I first heard about mobile car services, I just started to go with it & the best thing is that I can get this service even when I am working in the office & my car is getting a wash just outside of premises.
  2. No waiting time: – I can remember some of the worst experiences of car washing. I have to wait for 2-3 hours at the company’s workshop excluding the time of being stuck in jams. So mobile car wash services are of great help in avoiding that wastage of precious time.
  3. Saving the cost: – this is an advantage you might not digest easily but let’s get through it. Many of you will find that bill of an ordinary car washing & mobile car washing is quite equal but what makes us wrong that we ignore the cost of fuel consumed by the car while getting it driven to the workshop as well as the cost of time that you have wasted being idle at the workshop. Here the mobile car wash service has the upper hand than that of ordinary car washing.
  4. Personalized Service: – try to observe the way of working of the car washers at an ordinary car wash workshop. You will find they are in a hurry to get your car washed as fast as possible because they have a target set for the number of cars being washed throughout the day. They will ignore your suggestions or complaints but in mobile car washing, you can have a timely conversation with the expert & tell him about your requirements from him.

So these are just 4 major benefits that every car owner gets by opting for mobile car wash services.

Rapidewash, a hand car wash & detailing company has one of the best mobile car wash services in Charlotte, NC. They have 30+ mobile car wash operators throughout the city to reach their customers in the least possible time & provide the best services through their team of expert hand car washers.  Book a car wash with Saturday Special Package $25

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