Is It Bad To Wash Your Car Every Week?

Is It Bad To Wash Your Car Every Week?


For the last many years I have been working with salaried people. During conversations with them, they mostly complained me about losing interest in their current cars. They feel exhausted or bored while driving & frequently struck with the idea of buying a new one but none of them have such a handsome salary that they can buy a new car.

I think this is the problem that is faced by almost every average car owner in the US. You might also have gone through such feelings of boredom while driving your same car after one year of purchase. You have listen someone close to you, complaining about his car further escalating your feeling to get rid of the same car. So what’s the solution for this? Don’t ask your friends because they will reply “Don’t think so much just go 7 get a new car on EMI basis.” Ask yourself is it so easy that you can bear the extra cost of EMI payment on your regular salary. You can’t actually.

Then what should be done? I have an idea for you. Maintain the appearance of your car same as it was at the time of purchase, the originality of a brand new car with terrific color & perfect exterior. You will ask how? Then my reply is, give your car regular wash specifically Hand wash. This is a proved formula that I have implemented on myself. I bought a new Cadillac car 3 years ago & I still feel excited about driving the same car every day. This is just because of having a regular car wash that helped me to keep my car looking terrific, attractive & shiny.


Many people asked me why its necessary to wash the car as its just a machine, not a person whose health would be affected if not bathed every day but this is not the question that your car is machine or breathing human? The matter is that if you really want your car to work same with years of use that washing is a way by which you can get more life for your vehicle.

Here I have explained 5 major benefits of wash your car regularly:-

  1. Avoid Damage:- You can’t even imagine the impact of mud, dirt & rain on your car’s body paint & its internal parts. If you avoid wash for a long time then you are inviting rust & corrosion as dirt & mud particles have salts & oxides in them that can cause heavy damage to your car & it might be possible that rusting can even lead to accidents. Car washers use jet water spraying to remove most of the dirt & other impurities from vehicles body. This is not only good for the body paint of your car but for the long service of car parts.
  2. Better Condition:- Buying a car is not a major concern for many fellow Americans but to maintain its condition similar to a new car is a matter of concern for them. Having a car wash in regular intervals not only helps you in getting rid of impurities but also helps you to maintain a good condition of your car. Many times when are leaving for a long weekend with your family & you find that car is not in such a condition that it can be used for travelling far distances. This is just because you have ignored the regular washing & maintenance of the car.  
  3. Fuel Efficiency:- I was left in shock when a car expert told me to wash car more frequently if I really need to increase the fuel efficiency of my car. Many people will argue or tell you that dirty or unclean car has nothing with the fuel efficiency of your car but that’s untrue take an example of car testing that companies perform to check mileage, they use new cars with clean tires & internal parts but when we complain about the mileage we must understand the condition of car parts & its tires. A regular car wash will help you to have clean car body, its parts & tires that allow you to maintain higher mileage of the car.
  4. Avoid High Maintenance Bills:- You have observed that whenever you visit a car detailing service provider after a long time, he just hand over you a lump sum bill because of damages to the parts like head light, battery, bumper, plates & cables. This bill can upset whole budget of your home but many items of the bill can be eliminated with little precautions & care to the car. By regular car washes you can get through the minimum damages such as broken cables, loosening of valves & they can be replaced before any more costly repairs.
  5. Better Resale Value:- You might also be wondering that Why should I concern about washing my car as I want to resale it but have you think that what impresses buyer the most or what makes him paying money as much you have demanded. It’s not the features or the mileage of the car but it is the newness or the gloomy color of the car that makes his mind to buy. He may ignore checking the each & every small detail of your car if he is impressed with the body paint & the condition of your car. Cleanliness & maintaining good condition of the car will also allow you to fetch maximum value for the car.

These are just five benefits but you can even find more benefits of regular washing once you start doing it but you won’t get enough time to clean or wash car yourself as you are a salaried person & have other commitments as well but you can find many of the car wash service providers near to your home or within your locality. Just search “Hand car wash services near me” but you will find it really expensive to visit them & pay bills each time, so try to find such a service provider who gives a monthly package of car wash that includes minimum 5 car washes in a month.

Next Question that will arise in your mind is that “How often should I wash my car?”  Know let’s try to answer this question.

The frequency of your car wash depends on your use of the car, the location where you live & condition of roads there. For instance, if you live in the countryside where most of the roads are underdeveloped & most of the time car is engaged in farms or muddy areas then you should wash your car in alternative days but if you reside in city area then it is advisable to have car wash once in a week. But remember that chemicals which are used by your car wash service provider must not be highly basic otherwise it would have harmful effects on your car’s body paint after continuous application.

Another question that arises in our mind is “When I should wash my car?” this depends on the season at the time of washing car. For instance, it is necessary to wash your car more frequently in the rainy season to minimize the effects of rainwater & mud on car body but in the season of winter & summer, you can afford car wash in monthly basis as well. But that doesn’t mean that you should ignore the impact of heat on your car’s body paint because continuous heating of car’s exterior can cause fading of its paint as well as dullness in attraction. So try to put some water on car daily to maintain its exterior temperature. In winters, if you reside in an area of snowfall then you should be cautious about the effects of snow on your car. Try to remove snow continuously from car’s body as early as possible.     

The color of the car’s body also makes a play a major role in deciding how often you should wash your car? Darker colors need less frequent car washing as compared to the brighter colors or colors that gives gloominess. But having dark color doesn’t mean you can have car washes only when its time of urgency but you should remember that in dark color it is really difficult to locate rusting or corrosion of car parts.

Now let’s suppose that you have bought a brand new car & you have a question in the mind that “How often should I wash my new car?” First of all, you should stop thinking like others who consider that new cars should by washes on the daily basis by us only because car washers will ruin the beauty & freshness of a new car. It’s just an illogical assumption because washing your car daily will consume nearly  2-3 hours every day of your life as you are not a professional car washer similarly washing the car by oneself is harmful to your brand new vehicle because chances of mistakes by you are higher than professional you know how to handle a new car.

Washing your new car on daily basis is also a bad idea as a daily application of chemicals or soaps & water jet spray will spoil the body paint of your car & non-removal of water for internal parts would be an open invitation of the corrosion. If you are searching for a professional car wash service provider then I will recommend you to just ask about which way he is using to wash cars, if its automated car wash then you must find some other service provider as automated car wash has its own negative effects on new cars.

Automated car washers are found to be less caring about the model & sensitivity of the car’s color they just put the car in an automated system with no replacements of the used sponges or wipers. They just care to wash the maximum cars in a day as much as possible to recover the cost of the car washing system they have installed. So rather than going to an automated car washer you must search for a professional hand car wash service provider as they consider the delicacy of the car’s body paint & its newness while washing it.   

RapideWash is one of the best hand car wash service providers in Charlotte. We have years of experience of dealing in car wash chemicals 7 just because of that we have made eco-friendly chemicals that are not only good for the environment but have little impact on the originality on car’s paint even after continuous application. Starting in the year 2015, we have achieved a great milestone by opening 10 car wash centers in Charlotte alone. Here at Rapidewash, we are also committed to providing a total hand car wash service to our customers by professional & well-trained employees who give a touch of delicacy to your car & minimize the chance of any scratching & damaging.

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