How to Gift a Car Wash to your Beloved Car?

How to Gift a Car Wash to your Beloved Car?


What reply will you get, if you someone about Valentine’s Day?

They will just answer you that it is just a day for young couples poured with love, to celebrate for their love by disclosing it.

But that’s not true actually…because Valentine’s Day is about showing your love & it can be a person or any near to heart thing.

Everyone who loves anyone either his father or mother can show their love by giving them gifts or arranging any sort of happy hours.

Similar to that today’s young generation is fond of many things. Some people love their sweet home, some have affection for their pets & some love their habits like cooking & reading books. So they have a great opportunity for showing their love for them.     

In our society, we have a good number of car enthusiasts or car lovers who have a great love for their four-wheel non-living sweetheart but they don’t know how to gift a car wash to their beloved car on this lover’s day.

A simple answer is “get a Valentine’s Day Car Wash”

Now, when we talk about car wash we will definitely ask or friends or near ones about which type of car wash would be more preferable?

They will definitely reply to you “Search an Automated Car wash Service Provider in your neighborhood”

But wait for a minute, they don’t know that you are planning to give a Car wash gift to your near to heart car & you don’t bother about money or time expended on cleaning or re-aging your vehicle.

So in my advice, you must opt for a Hand Car Wash.

Now you will ask why Hand Car Wash, if I can get my car cleaned or detailed by an automated Car Wash or What the major difference in Hand Car Wash & automated car wash?

Then, you first understand that machine car wash is simply preferred by those who can’t waste their time or money on just a car so they opt to visit machine car wash services.

But, for a car enthusiast or a car lover who really want to maintain the beauty & attraction of their sweetheart vehicle for a long period then he must avoid visiting a machine car wash.

The biggest problem with Automated Car Wash service providers is their way of considering cars as just a commodity for traveling.

Automated Conveyor car wash systems are found to be more rigorous on the delicate paint body of cars & after some time you might observe the formation of paint chips on car’s exterior.

This is not the only concern.

But many machine car washers don’t have installed facilities for proper water drying after washing. This leads to the formation of water spots on the exterior & interior surface of your vehicle.

I think no car lover will accept these water spots on its pristine car.

Improper drying not only spoils the gleaming exterior but if moisture remained for long period in car’s interior parts then it will definitely cause rust & corrosion which may be more dangerous to ignore.

So we have discussed the problems with machine car wash…

Now let’s discuss how Hand car wash would be a great idea for cleaning your car

The simple answer is that what is wrong with an automated car wash is right in hand car wash…

Let’s begin with how Hand car wash can maintain delicacy of your vehicle?

Hand car washer companies prefer to employ professional car washers who are well-trained in dealing with your car while washing them. They know which part needs rigorous washing & which should be treated with a soft hand.

Secondly, with proper washing, they also pay equal importance to the water drying. So you can only take back your car at home not water spots on it.   

At last, I have experienced that along with good washing services, Hand car wash companies are also good in providing good Car Maintenance & Car Detailing services to their customers.

So, don’t think for long & just search a Hand Car Wash company in your neighborhood with the best pricing & just book a Valentine’s Day Car Wash for your beloved car…

RapideWash is a well-known Hand Car Wash company based in Charlotte, NC. We have   10 car wash locations in Charlotte alone along with 30 more mobile operators. You will get the best car wash experience through our dedicated team of professional car washers who are well-trained in handling cars with at most delicacy.    

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