Hand Car Wash Service for Car Lovers to Prevent Your Car from Paint Damage

Hand Car Wash Service for Car Lovers to Prevent Your Car from Paint Damage


In one of my recent conversation with my friend, I asked him “what makes a person so attached to his/her car?”

He instantly replied, “Definitely it would be the looks?”

Then I asked him to further elaborate about “on what car’s look is heavily depended?”

He answered “its paint of the car”

He wasn’t wrong by associating paint of a car to its beauty & look, but it is a true concept because the first thing that catches our eyes is the glooming & shiny painted surface of the car not it’s interior of features of its engine.

We all know, buying a four-wheeler either it’s an SUV or a Sedan requires huge investment & you have to compromise on many other expenses to arrange EMIs. So it’s your birthright to preserve your car from any sort of damage occurs it due to mishandling or any other reason.

To save car’s body paint from spoilage due to the effects of sunshine, bird’s droppings & rainwater, many of us prefer to go for a car wash on a weekly or monthly basis.

But you will be surprised to know….

Some researchers claim that ironically, car wash sometimes leads to further spoilage of the car’s body paint.

How machine car washes reduce the shine of your car?

Whenever you will ask someone about which type of car wash is best for your vehicle?

The most expected answer would be “Machine Car Wash is the best”

They refrain from hand car wash & prefer automated just because they consider it more logical to save time & money rather than focusing on proper removal of dirt from the car’s exterior body.

machine wash paint damange 2

So what’s the problem with automated car wash if it is fast & cost-effective?

Yes. Definitely, it is comparatively fast & costs less than hand car wash but this itself gives machine car wash some disadvantage when we talk about the safety of paint.

We all know that automated car wash service companies are dependent on conveyor systems that take a car into a tunnel-like structure where jet washers & brushing arms rub the exterior surface to remove dirt.

But wait for a second….

Have you ask an owner of these car detailing companies that how many cars are daily washed on these automated conveyors or how many times their employees visit inside the tunnel to inspect the working of jet washers & brushing arms.

I bet they will hesitate to reply or avoid answering these questions.

Automated car washers are more concerned in covering their operational cost by putting maximum cars on their conveyors rather than focusing on maintenance of the spares in their automated system.

This leads to overuse of same brush & cloth for a longer period along with this they hardly visit inside the tunnel to remove debris, dirt & grease from inside. If you have ever noticed the surface of your car after the wash you can identify the micro-scratches on the exterior paint.

Tips to maintain the glossy shine of your car?  

hand car wash charlotte

So there is no place f doubt about your love for your car, then what precautions should be taken to preserve the paint of your vehicle from scratches & chippings. So here I have shared some of the tips for you:-

1.    Many of the car owners prefer to wash their respective cars at home only. So they must consider using less acidic or biodegradable washing soap because they are comparatively less hard on the exterior paint.

2.    As avoiding bird’s dropping & tree sap is logically impossible, try to remove them as early as possible because they are acidic in nature & can damage car paint if remains for longer on car’s body.

3.    If you live in an area where shiny days are more Frequent, then instead of parking your car in open try to get a shade or a garage parking so you can protect your vehicle from the intense heat of sunlight that damages car’s paint.

4.    Salty air & air containments are disastrous for the car’s paint. You can avoid it if you are living in an industrial area or near the sea. To protect the car from this damage, use wax coating as it helps in preventing salts to react with exterior paint.  

5.    If you really want to get rid of any chance of paint damage then just keep the habit of washing your car at regular intervals. It’s advisable to have a weekly wash because even the daily application of soap & brush can also have adverse effects on paint.

How hand car wash save your car’s paint from damage?

Definitely, you have a doubt that how hand car wash can help you in sustaining the freshness of your car’s paint?

Then at very first, you must understand how hand car wash companies perform their work?

Rather than using an automated system, they hire professional car washers who are well-aware about precautions that should be taken while washing to prevent any damage to the car’s paint.

Secondly, these professional washers also have proper knowledge about how to remove bird’s droppings, grease & oil patches & rust from the car’s body with minimum damage to its paint.          

So, as it is evident through the about statements that if you really want to sustain the beauty & attraction of your car for a longer period then try to avoid automated car wash & search for a professional hand car wash company.

RapideWash is a well-known Hand Car Wash company based in Charlotte, NC. We have   10 car wash locations in Charlotte alone along with 30 more mobile operators. With a team of skilled car washers & using less acidic washing soap, we focus on preserving the car’s paint & its beauty for our car-loving clients.  

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