5 Best Tips for Interior Car Detailing

5 Best Tips for Interior Car Detailing


Some of my friends are confused about the concept of car detailing.

They think car detailing & car washing are just two synonyms that can be used interchangeably.

If you also have the same thinking.

Then here I have explained the difference between car detailing & washing. Along with that, I have included 5 best tips for interior car detailing that you can use to maintain the freshness of your car’s interior.

What is car detailing?

To understand this concept, you should first understand the meaning of detailing.

In your office hours, many times you might have given detailed information about your task completion & at home, you might have given a detailed explanation to your wife for being late from office.

Similarly, when you opt for a car detailing services means you are paying for a top to bottom thorough washing of your car with the use of specialized tools & equipment by a professional car washer.

Now you might ask “this sounds quite similar to car washing?”

Yes, this is true but let me correct you.

Car washing is a narrow concept where car washer is only concerned on removing patches of dirt & grease on your car’s body while Car detailing is a broad concept where the major concern is to maintain the functional desirability of your vehicle by detailed cleaning of each & every part of the car.

The second most important difference is that car washing can be automated or through hands. But car detailing doesn’t involve automated system. An expert car detailer can only perform this task.

Now let’s discuss two types of car detailing services that are availed by most of the car washing companies:-

Exterior Detailing:-

Here, car professional performs washing not only on the car’s body pain area but even on the wheels, brake calipers & lug nuts etc by using some of the special types of equipment. So you can get rid of all those dirt & grease that is impossible to remove through the normal wash.

Interior Detailing:-

Interior detailing is really a time consuming & challenging task for every expert car washer as he has to effectively vacuum each & every corner of seating area along with that every switch & vent must be cleaned with brushes. Seat Leather is properly scrubbed & headlining is cleaned to remove all dirt patches.

hand car wash interior wash

Now let’s look the 5 best ways of doing interior car detailing:-

If you compare both types of car detailing then you will find that interior car detailing is not just time-consuming but even complicated to perform.

Here are 5 best hacks that can make your detailing task simpler & time-saving.

Cleaning the carpet with a hot water extractor:- Cleaning the bottom carpet of a car is really one of the most complicated tasks. You can use a hot water extractor to have deep cleaning of dirt & hair particles from the carpet.
Start with vacuuming the mat surface to remove loose dirt & then apply non-form solvent to loosen stubborn dirt. Then just apply hot water extractor to suck away the dirt.

Cleaning hard to access areas:- Interior car detailing is all about cleaning those areas which are left unclean in a normal car wash. Try to remove maximum dirt & waste from the areas such as seatbacks & center console. You can find a great collection of debris in the crease area of the seatback.

Removing dust from vent:- Many of us have used different scents to tackle the odd smell in our cabin but all efforts go in vain. We just ignore the fact that this foul odor is because dust & moisture that has trapped in vent & to remove it use air compressor device.

interior car wash of a car

Lubricate the Hinges:- Door hinges & other joints of a car comes in direct contact of water while car wash. It is an open invitation to the rusting. So it’s important to apply lubricants or lithium grease in door hinges to protect them from the damage but remember to remove extra oil to keep it away from collecting debris.

Repair of tears & holes on leather: – For a car owner, it’s really disheartening to see tears & holes on the driving seat of their dream car. To get rid of this, just buy a leather repair kit from any hardware store & first apply a colorant to the same of that leather seat & then stick a patch to minimize the visibility of the tear.    

Rapidewash is a car detailing company situated in Charlotte, NC. We have 10 centers & more than 30 mobile operators in the city where you can get the services of the exterior as well as interior car detailing by our expert car washers. They are trained to clean & furnish car by using specialized types of equipment to get maximum satisfaction for our customers.  

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